Ryan Topper is a man of delightful taste, exquisite passion, and distorted humor. He is hairier than “normal”, and is frequently mistaken as homeless. Currently, he is working on a Bible/Theology major at Multnomah University in Portland, OR, and is an “Outstanding Alumni” of Clark Community College in Vancouver, WA. He has a child-like fascination with humans and their ways of expression. This leaves him in love with stories in all of their forms. Music, pictures, words, good coffee, and the irrational love that he has found in Jesus Christ are what keep his mind in existence. You will often find Ryan corrupting the minds of our youth until they have no where to turn except the grace of the Living God (youth ministry), adding Star Wars and/or Tolkien references into normal conversation, jamming with hobos, or doing something that is typically deemed “socially unacceptable.” He currently spends most of his time in his basement, planning his next step of action towards world domination.

Joey Wulf is married with two kids (one on the way).  Since 2003 he has been working with middle school, high school and young adults at Crossroads Community Church and currently with Cross Culture Calvary Chapel in Holland.  Joey graduated from Multnomah Bible College in 2007 with a bachleors in Bible/Theology (major) and Educational Ministries (minor).  

Cameron Wyenberg is a lover of books, but not of people. He reads more than he should and most things he knows is from a book. He helps out with Crossroads High School group as a small group leader and also attends the The Bridge, a young adults ministry. He attended a few years of college but never graduated and most now consider him a college drop-out; this largely affects him. He is single, cynical, pessimistic, doubtful, reclusive, skeptical, left handed, and until recently sported a large beard that detracted many women. He is currently unemployed and spends his time reading and drinking too much coffee. He believes grace is the most beautiful thing ever; and he should since without it he would be largely cast into the margins of society as a disparaging hermit. On his off days he dons a suit and battles American Jesus; for this he is called a communist.


I am a retired pastor having served in the pastorate for 27 years. I am now working for Starbucks as a Barista/Shift Supervisor. I have just moved back to Vancouver after spending 8 years in Houston Texas. I love to read SciFi and Fantasy. I call myself an amateur chef, because I love to cook. I love having people around me, I am a real people person. I get more energized, the more people are around. I love to entertain small groups of people. I am a listener and contributor. Molly and I have been graced with our first grandchild. I get to do the grandpa thing, spoil her rotten and then send her home. It is so good to be back in Vancouver.

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Manscout, Kjudd52


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