The Genesis Parallel

July 3, 2008

I also noticed something else in Genesis, the first chapter, but I must say that most of this idea comes from Rob Bell and his DVD “Everything is Spiritual,” though I hesitate to say that since I may now be branded a heretic and spit upon. It is in the poem that begins the whole book. I will only summarize it here. In chapter 1, verse 3 God creates light. And then in verse 6 God creates an expanse to separate the sky from water; verse 9 God creates land. Then we go back again to the light, and God, in verse 14, fills the sky with lights; verse 20 He fills the water with living creatures; and verse 24 he fills the land with creatures. So we have (I stole this mostly from Rob Bell):

Light/Dark created

Water/Sky created

Land Sea created

Lights to fill the sky

Animals to fill the sky and sea

Animals to fill the land

Now Rob Bell and I shall depart here as Rob Bell considered that man was part of the creatures that filled the land. While true, I can’t help but think that Genesis has it as God creating animals to fill the land, and then comes the story of the creation of man. So I was thinking, if man is this separate thing that ends the creation story, what is the parallel that he has, and it came to me so suddenly; “In the beginning God” and “Let us make man in our own image.” Here was have God in the beginning, and then at the end, to parallel the existence of God is man, made in the very likeness of God. And so you have this beginning and ending of the creation story where God, what began it all, finishes by creating man, the very thing in his own image. This is such an interesting parallelism that the author seems to be creating, an amazing poem that is set up in the story of creation.

What genius!

Or as Rob Bell put it, it seems the author might have had help.